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Domestic Abuse

The common core of domestic violence behaviors is power and control.


Domestic Abuse shows up in relationships as:


  • Physical Violence - The easiest to define. Pushing, kicking, hitting, stomping, strangulation, etc. Most people know what this is as the evidence of physical abuse is often visible.

  • Sexual Violence - Sexual coercion and sexual assault happens within relationships when one partner uses sex as a means of exerting power and control over the other. Consent between partners is not implied.

  • Emotional Violence - Controlling your partner's interactions with family or friends, stalking their social media accounts, threatening to take the children, threatening to commit suicide, harming pets, destroying property, displaying weapons in a threatening manner, sharing intimate photos, and denying abusive behavior are all signs of emotional abuse.

  • Financial Violence - Signs of financial abuse include taking or hiding money, spending money recklessly, controlling bank accounts, requiring partner to ask for money, interfering with the partner's employment, threatening to a expose partner's mental health to an employer.


Safety planning and advocacy are necessary. Allow me to support you as you shed light on your experiences within a safe, nonjudgmental environment. I will provide ongoing safety planning throughout the therapeutic relationship, allowing you the space to make decisions and experience some control over your life.


Whatever you decide, please partner with someone. Contact me for a 20-minute, low-cost consultation.

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