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Relationship Conflict

Love IS NOT all you need for a healthy relationship!

Partners often come to counseling to address unproductive communication, lack of conflict resolution, unmet expectations, and infidelity. Relationships may be under stress due to different parenting styles, codependency, mental health concerns of one or both partners, or financial difficulties.

Through the counseling relationship, clients will receive assistance with identifying their individual expectations of the relationship and invite conversation about each person’s unmet needs. We will develop and practice new strategies designed to increase productive conversation and resolve disagreements in a healthier way. I will provide a safe, supportive environment to process disappointments and take the first steps towards increasing trust. The therapeutic process may require clients to “sit in” uncomfortable feelings for the first time and listen with the goal of responding instead of reacting. There is no better time to start than today. Contact me for a 20-minute, low-cost consultation.

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