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Family Trauma

Family relationships are not always the healthiest and are sometimes the most traumatic relationships we experience. Where safety and security are absent, abuse, betrayal, neglect, poor boundaries, and instability are present.


You can choose to either repeat the cycle of generational trauma or make a conscious decision to be the cycle-breaker! In choosing to break the cycle, you must recognize that there are those in your family who will deny these family behaviors in an attempt to not acknowledge their own victimization or participation. You may be encouraged to keep the family secret, shamed for refusing to do so, and pushed to feel guilty about betraying the family.


Taking care of yourself and ensuring the health of the next generation is unselfish and justified. It is not your responsibility to affirm people who have hurt and mistreated you. Allow me to partner with you to change the generational patterns. Contact me for a 20-minute, low-cost consultation.

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